Jeffrey Humphrey, M.D.

Dr. Jeffrey Humphrey became Constellation Pharmaceuticals’ chief medical officer in June 2020. Dr. Humphrey is a medical oncologist with over twenty years’ experience in drug development. Prior to joining Constellation, he was Chief Development Officer at Kyowa Kirin Co., where he oversaw development of the company’s global portfolio of experimental therapeutics for Western markets. In this role, he built U.S. and E.U. research capabilities and guided development of burosumab, mogamulizumab, and istradefylline to approvals and U.S./E.U. launches (Poteligeo®, Nourianz®, Crysvita®). Dr. Humphrey began industry clinical research at Bristol-Myers Squibb and subsequently served in management positions for early and late drug development and medical affairs at Pfizer, Bayer, and Bristol-Myers Squibb. He participated in development of novel oncology drugs in all phases, from pre-IND to post-launch (Nexavar®, Erbitux®, Sprycel®, Yervoy®). Dr. Humphrey is a graduate of Harvard College and Case Western Reserve School of Medicine. He completed a medical residency at the Johns Hopkins Hospital and post-doctoral fellowships in human genetics and medical oncology at the U.S. National Institutes of Health and the National Cancer Institute, where he was board-certified in oncology.