Constellation Pharmaceuticals Awarded Incentive from Massachusetts Life Sciences Center

Cambridge, MA – December 23, 2009 – Constellation Pharmaceuticals, Inc., the leading biopharmaceutical company focused on discovering and developing new drugs targeting epigenetic regulation of the human genome, today announced that it is selected as one of twenty-eight life sciences companies to participate in $25 million in Tax Incentives awarded by the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center. This award further enables Constellation, which has grown rapidly since its founding in 2008, to continue creating new jobs that will help translate cutting-edge research into clinically important and commercially viable products.

“We are excited to be selected as one of the companies to receive this incentive from the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center, as it will provide us with additional resources to advance Constellation’s R&D in epigenetics toward making a significant impact for patients,” said Mark A. Goldsmith, M.D., Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer of Constellation Pharmaceuticals. “This incentive gives us greater ability to expand our outstanding scientific team and innovative product engine within the life sciences supercluster in Massachusetts as we pursue breakthrough medicines based on epigenetics, an approach that offers promise for targeting cancer and other serious diseases. We are grateful to Governor Patrick, the Massachusetts legislature and the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center for exhibiting strong support that will help us to flourish and expand in the Cambridge area.”

Constellation Pharmaceuticals is the leading company dedicated to the discovery and development of novel drugs targeting selective regulators of epigenetic function. The company raised a $32 million Series A financing and is currently building a preclinical pipeline of epigenetic drugs.

About the Life Sciences Tax Incentive Program
The Life Sciences Tax Incentive Program, established in 2008 as part of the state’s ten-year, $1 billion Life Sciences Initiative, authorizes up to $25 million in tax incentives each year for companies engaged in life sciences research and development, commercialization, and manufacturing. The primary goal of the program is to incentivize life sciences companies to create new long-term jobs in Massachusetts.

About Constellation Pharmaceuticals
Constellation Pharmaceuticals is the first biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the development of novel therapeutics in the emerging field of Epigenetics, a new field of science that focuses on selective regulators of gene function and expression. Constellation’s initial focus is in oncology, and the Company’s platform will also be applicable to other therapeutic areas including autoimmune, inflammatory and neurological diseases. The Company’s academic founders represent the core thought leaders in epigenetics responsible for key advances, insights and discoveries in the field. Constellation Pharmaceuticals is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. For more information, please visit the company’s website at

Barbara Yates
Yates Public Relations