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Advancing novel, small molecule treatments targeting epigenetic mechanisms in tumor and immune cells for the benefit of patients.

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Epigenetics is a new area of biology providing novel opportunities for the treatment of human diseases

Drug development in the field of epigenetics is directed towards the identification of small molecules that inhibit the activities of proteins that add, remove or recognize various chemical modifications to specific sites on DNA or chromosomal proteins. These marks play a key role in determining whether a gene is on or off. Epigenetic regulators are often referred to as writers, erasers and readers. Research at Constellation and by others has shown that abnormal epigenetic regulation contributes to many different diseases.

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Constellation’s research is focused on each of the major pillars of epigenetic regulation –
chromatin writers, erasers, and readers

Each of these protein classes provides a rich collection of targets with strong disease association. We have developed drug discovery platforms in each class to enable the development of novel medicines that modulate these important targets. Constellation has made significant progress in discovering and developing compelling drug candidates derived from our broad platform of capabilities applied to these three classes of epigenetic targets.

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Build the premier chromatin therapeutics company by discovering and developing drugs that target epigenetic function and associated disease biology

In order to accomplish this mission, we weave our core values (FIRST values) into everything that we do.

Focus on serving unmet medical needs of patients
Integrity always
Respect, collaborate, innovate, enjoy what we do
Scientific breakthroughs are our passion
Teach, listen to, and learn from each other

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October 24, 2017
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May 23, 2016
An inhibitor of KDM5 demethylases reduces survival of drug-tolerant cancer cells

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We are seeking an experienced, accomplished and resourceful scientist with a successful track record in in vivo and in vitro pharmacology to join our research group.

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