Constellation Expands Clinical Studies of CPI-0610

Today, Constellation announced that it has initiated two additional clinical studies of its lead BET Inhibitor, CPI-0610.  CPI-0610 has been progressing in a Phase 1 clinical trial in patients with lymphoma since September of 2013.  As that trial continues, two new Phase 1 clinical trials of CPI-0610 were started in July of this year. The first additional trial evaluates CPI-0610 in patients with multiple myeloma, while the second trial focuses on patients with acute leukemias or myelodysplastic syndrome. The expansion of the clinical evaluation of CPI-0610 to patients with these diseases is based on the high sensitivity of hematologic malignancies to BET inhibition in preclinical models, particularly in models of myeloma and acute leukemia.

As a result of treating the first patients in both of these two new studies, Constellation earned a $ 1.5 MM milestone in its partnership with The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS). This external financial support from LLS enabled the expansion of the CPI-0610 clinical program into the three distinct indications being explored, with the hope of more rapidly and completely understanding which patients may benefit from this new approach to cancer treatment.